Производство женской одежды 

Our designers can skillfully match new trends in the world of fashion with basic traditions. Due to such combination we have our own unique style.

Our main point is the work with new fabric. We use new, ecologically clean fabric – Hetta, which is easy as pooh and soft as cashmere.

The young and fast-growth company Beatris was founded in 2010. During this time we have managed to gain love and respect of our buyers.

The secret of good sales of clothing BEATRIS is a unique mix of comfort and elegance, universalism and high quality with extremely democratic prices.
Clothing from Beatris is smooth fitting and unexpected combination of styles that adds freshness, novelty and liveliness to the image. A twenty- year -old student girl as well as a lady after 50 years old will feel cozy in our clothing. Despite the age and psychology everybody can find her own. We welcome everyone who shares our outlook and the way we express it through the clothing.

Новая коллекция Осень-Зима 2021/2022 г.г 

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Terms of cooperation.

-Size run - from 42 to 60
-Sales are not by size runs 
-Cooperation only after presentation of documentation from legal entities and self-employed enterpreneurs
-Paying cash and through a bank; dispatch only after 100% payments. 
-Delivery throughout Russia 
-Delivery to a shipping company is free of charge

*Attention please! In order to get a shipment you have to show a passport of recipient and a letter of attorney for the good receipt ,authenticated with a seal affixed of a company or a self-employed entrepreneur.

The list of shipping companies:

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