New collection of autumn-winter models 21-22

      We are happy to demonstrate to you a new collection of light wear for autumn and winter.
      One of the most important stages for preparing a new collection is the choice of fabrics. That is why we feel very serious in choosing the fabrics, which we are going to use. In a new collection you will see a lot of goods which are manufactured from the fabric called “modal” .We have already used this fabric more than once and we want to inform you why we love it.
Lightness and breathability
The fabric has incredible lightness, very pleasant tactile quality and has a very high breathability and let the air go freely, gives the skin the opportunity to breath
This fabric does not only soak the moisture from the surface of the skin but also takes it away. It does not change the color, does not electrify or roll.
“Modal” is absolutely environmentally free, and the toxic substances are absent.
Durability and comfort
The fabric is resistant to shrinkage and wear. It can keep the form very well and crumple very seldom.